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Wholesale Mushroom Spores

Whether you're diving deep into research, studying mushrooms for their ecological significance, or exploring their myriad potential health benefits, our bulk mushroom spores are your ideal companion on this mycological journey.

Founded just a few years ago by avid mushroom enthusiasts, Spore Genetics is driven by a profound passion for the diverse benefits of fungi. We're not just about selling spores; we're about creating a movement. From mushrooms' uncanny ability to decompose plastics to their promising potential for mental well-being, our passion spans across the multifaceted realm of fungi. Our commitment? To deliver high-quality wholesale mushroom spores to all who wish to embark on this study.

Our spore solution stands out, especially for retailers, boasting an impressive 9-12 month shelf life without the need for refrigeration. This ensures longevity and reduces waste, offering unparalleled advantages for those in the retail sector.

Want to place an order? It's simple. Send us an email at, detailing the strains and quantities you're interested in. For expedited processing, please include your full name and delivery address, and we'll promptly send you a billing statement. We've streamlined our payment process, offering multiple options to ensure a seamless transaction.

With every bulk order, we include the necessary sterile syringe needles and alcohol wipes, ensuring you're well-equipped from the start. We believe in customer satisfaction. That's why, at Spore Genetics, we've decided to cover the shipping fees for you, adding an extra layer of convenience to your experience.

Before purchasing our cubensis spore syringes in bulk, we urge you to thoroughly research local laws to ensure compliance with state and municipal regulations. We're here to help; if you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out.