Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Psilocybe Mushroom Spores are Legal. If you’re interested in Psilocybin Mushrooms, you’ll have probably heard about the enigma that around mushroom spores.

All mushrooms have spores. If you were to look for them, you would find them in the gills of the mushroom. A spore is the reproductive part of the mushroom and is a fine, powder like substance. Are psilocybin mushroom spores legal? Plain and Simple…Yes. The spores themselves do not contain the psilocybin compound. As they do not contain this psychotropic substance, they cannot be considered illegal under the same Act as the psilocybin mushroom itself. Again, all feels simple, doesn’t it? Yes and no. While it is legal to have mushroom spores in most states of the US, there are two states where it is illegal. We will look into this more next.

Why did these two states decide to make psilocybin mushroom spores illegal to have in your possession? The very brief answer to that question is that it is almost impossible to control what people do with the spores once they have them. Mature mushrooms will contain the psilocybin compound. As a result, you will have in your possession (willingly, or not) mushrooms which are illegal. This is one of the main reasons why these two states choose not to legalize spores. They are trying to avoid the risk of creating a loophole for people cultivating their own mushrooms and bypassing the law. We can still send you Gourmet Liquid Cultures! If your Order contains any Spore Syringes, your Order will be Cancelled and Voided.

We cannot legally provide growing advice or provide grow kits with our Active Mushroom Spore Syringes, any of these questions you might have, will be better suited for people who specialize in those sorts of things. We can, however, provide some help through our email when you are growing mushrooms with one of our Gourmet Liquid Culture Syringes.

Mushroom spores can last for years! For long term storage we recommend you store your syringes in the refrigerator. Spore prints on the other hand have been known to last up to 15+ years. Our syringes do not last as long, eventually they will develop some sort of bacteria. We recommend you use the syringes as soon as possible, but our proprietary blend and general rule of thumb, is to use the syringe within 8-12 months.

You should use the Gourmet Liquid Culture Syringes as soon as you receive them. There is Live Culture in these Syringes, and this culture is very delicate. You can prolong these by refrigerating them, but you should know the culture needs to feed and grow. There are not enough nutrients in these Syringes to last a more than 30-45 days.

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