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5-Pack 10cc Spore Syringes

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    About This Item

    Introducing the SG Labs 5-pack of magic mushroom spore syringes - a premium, meticulously curated product designed with enthusiasts and connoisseurs in mind. This bundle deal is a unique opportunity to explore the fascinating world of Psilocybe Cubensis, a cherished variety known for its enchanting properties.

    5-Pack of Mushroom Spore Syringes

    The magic of this pack lies in the syringe kit's unique content: each 5-pack of mushroom spore syringes contains spores from distinct Psilocybe Cubensis strains, offering you an exceptional variety in one single pack. The five syringes are clearly labelled for easy identification and offer you a chance to get acquainted with different spore profiles.

    SG Labs employs rigorous quality controls to ensure that each magic mushroom syringe is filled with the finest, cleanest mushroom spores. The spores are carefully harvested from mature mushrooms, selected for their healthy and robust features. Each syringe contains a clear suspension of these spores, providing an unrivalled close-up view of the amazing world of fungi.

    This spore syringe microscopy kit comes in a compact, discreet packaging that assures easy storage and safe handling. Detailed instructions included in the pack will guide you through the use of each syringe, ensuring that you get the most out of your purchase.

    Make the most of this incredible bundle deal and explore the captivating world of Psilocybe Cubensis spores. Each syringe offers a peek into this world in its microscopic detail, adding a new dimension to your understanding and appreciation of these fascinating organisms.

    SG Labs' 5-pack of spore syringes is a top-tier product that reflects our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Now, more than ever, is the best time to dive deep into the incredible realm of magic mushrooms spores. Shop now and save on this unmatched offering from SG Labs. Start your journey today with this all-inclusive spore syringe kit.

    • Five (5) 10cc BD Luer-Lock Syringes filled with Spore Solution
    • Five (5) Sterile 16 Gauge Needles
    • Five (5) Alcohol Prep Pads