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  • Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Print - SP03
  • Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Print - SP03

Jedi Mind Fuck Spore Print

Item #: SP03
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    About This Item

    Sealed Jedi Mind Fuck Mushroom Spore Print

    A mushroom spore print is a unique, natural art form created by collecting the spores of a mushroom. To make a spore print, the cap of a mature mushroom is placed gill-side down on a piece surface and left for several hours or overnight. As the mushroom releases its spores, they fall in a pattern that reflects the gill structure of the mushroom, creating a beautiful and intricate design.

    Spore prints are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve a practical purpose in mushroom identification, as the color and pattern of the spores can help differentiate between species. They are a popular item among mycologists, nature enthusiasts, and artists alike, offering a unique way to appreciate the beauty and diversity of fungi.

    Grab your Spore Genetics Mushroom Spore Print today, it's essential addition to every mycologist inventory. Spore prints can be framed and displayed as art, used in educational settings, or kept as a reference for mushroom identification.

  • One (1) Spore Print on Foil
  • One (1) Sterile Swab