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  • Tidal Wave 10cc Spore Syringe - SS20
  • Tidal Wave 10cc Spore Syringe - SS20
  • Tidal Wave 10cc Spore Syringe - SS20
  • Tidal Wave 10cc Spore Syringe - SS20

Tidal Wave 10cc Spore Syringe

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    About This Item

    Discover the Tidal Wave 10cc spore syringe from SG Labs – a powerful and versatile addition to your research toolkit. Dive into the microscopic wonders of Tidal Wave spores.

    A Few Key Highlights:

    • Unique Psilocybe Cubensis hybrid featuring the potent Penis Envy and versatile B+ strains
    • Abundant spores for easier microscopic research
    • Rich genetic history to explore

    Choose the Tidal Wave mushroom spore syringe from SG Labs for a captivating and rewarding research experience. Order your spores today and join the growing community of mycologists and enthusiasts exploring the incredible world of mushrooms.

    Tidal Wave Mushroom 10cc Spore Syringe

    The Tidal Wave mushroom is a Psilocybe cubensis hybrid created by combining the powerful and distinctive Penis Envy with the adaptable and energetic B+ strain. Hybrids are generally developed to merge the best features of each parent, resulting in a superior version.

    Analogous to a family tree's maternal and paternal lineages, mushrooms carry genetic heritage from both parent strains. The B+ side passes down genes from Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens, while the Penis Envy side contributes genes from the colossal Amazonian strain.

    This genetic ancestry undeniably contributes to the Tidal Wave mushroom's impressive potency, which is among the highest at over 2% psilocybin.

    Creating magic mushroom hybrids allows for the rectification of undesirable inherited traits. In the case of the Tidal Wave, the B+ lineage offers plentiful specimens and simpler research, while the unrivaled potency and appearance of Penis Envy add a distinctive aspect to the experience.

    In the magic mushroom realm, it is well-established that the thick, phallic-shaped caps of Penis Envy mushrooms frequently remain closed and do not release spores, making research and observation more difficult. To guarantee easier and more fruitful research, the "easy research" genetics of the B+ cubensis were integrated. Thankfully, the hybridization process proved successful, and Tidal Wave mushroom strain spores are now abundant.

    The in-vitro bubble enhances the ecosystem and isolates the desired traits of each specimen. Merging the genetic blueprints from various species unlocks boundless possibilities for exploration.

    The expanding Tidal Wave community is undeniably dedicated to the study of magic mushrooms, with passionate myco-engineers nurturing a variety of Tidal Wave strains. These range from conventional cubensis classifications to robust-stemmed, Penis Envy-like specimens boasting slightly bigger caps.

    As enthusiasm for magic mushroom research soars, Tidal Wave spores are being shared worldwide. Myco-engineers are investigating the potential to develop a stable variety that can generate sufficient spores for easy capturing and distribution.

    Although neither B+ nor Penis Envy are particularly fast-growing, the interbreeding of these traits has led to the Tidal Wave mushroom strain becoming the ultimate chameleon. From beginning to end, the strain is a versatile and immensely potent force.

    Indeed, crossbreeding has played a role in creating a more efficient strain. Where the thick bulbous cap of Penis Envy once occasionally opened, the B+ now yields receptive fruit bodies that readily release spores, streamlining microscopic research.

    In the same way a tidal wave rapidly gains momentum, the Tidal Wave mushroom is quickly capturing the interest and admiration of both mycologists and researchers.

    “All Cubensis spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes ONLY. Cubensis spores are not intended for cultivation or consumption of any kind. By entering this website, you certify that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to our terms of service. Use of this website signifies your agreement to our terms of service and any conditions defined herein.”

    • One (1) 10cc BD Luer-Lock Syringe filled with Spore Solution
    • One (1) Sterile 16 Gauge Needle
    • One (1) Alcohol Prep Pad